As we are in growth phase, we are financially reliant on the support of sponsors. This funding will enhance our ability to achieve our goals to the degree we are striving for. Your sponsorship investment will enable organizers of Greater Hamilton Music Industry Awards to subsidize award show expenses such as venue, marketing materials, catering and various staffing costs.

Having community sponsors on board early will also encourage more community participation from other local corporations and businesses, volunteers, and will create more community involvement.

Please review below the sponsorship packages, which have been specifically designed with the intention of offering enhanced benefits to your business.

These benefits include increased brand awareness, marketing and promotional opportunities, better client and customer relationships, growing your community profile, greater public acceptance, boosting staff morale, retention and, facilitating productivity.

We will prove that sponsoring Greater Hamilton Music Industry Awards is a smart business decision and we will continuously reach new heights to give you the best possible experience of sponsoring any event.

We are grateful that you have taken a few minutes of your time to look at our sponsorship opportunities and consider our sponsorship proposal for our event.