Anita Levesque

Anita has been working in the design industry for over twenty years and is never happier than when getting creative in Photoshop while rocking out to some excellent tunes. Anita has worked on branding, print, and web projects for a multitude of clients, covering small startups to large companies, a wide range of industries, in Canada, the US and overseas. As huge music fan, Anita has spent the last 10+ years attending gigs and as a photographer at festivals within the Golden Horseshoe. In 2019, Anita and her husband Brian started an artist booking and promotion agency, with a roster of artists across Canada. Loving live music, the build up to an event and the buzz of an excitable crowd, Anita believes there's no better feeling than hearing your favorite song, being played among thousands of loved up fans, all coming together as one voice.

Heather Sinclair (Taxes Done Right)

For over 20 years Heather Sinclair (Taxes Done Right) has been fulfilling bookkeeping, accounting and tax needs for various businesses, Not-For-Profit and Charitable organizations. Around 5 years ago, Heather started helping musicians with their bookkeeping, grant applications and tax needs. This required a whole new learning curve for information not taught in any accounting program at school. She discovered that the music industry had a whole bunch of unique requirements and rules as far as the Canada Revenue Agency was concerned…and spent a lot of time arguing with CRA representatives, until they conceded, to the benefit of the musicians. Once Heather had solved the issues with the government, some of the musicians asked for help in other facets of their businesses as working artists, and with her partner Gary Greenland on board, H&G Entertainer Services was born to help promote and act as a liaison between musicians and the places that hire them….and keep fighting with the tax man on their behalf.

Roxanne Lane

Volunteer Co-ordinator
The term, “east-ender” certainly applies to Hamilton, Ontario native Roxanne Lane. No stranger to the unique culture and idiosyncrasies of Hamilton’s infamous east-end, or to music growing up with a musician in the home since the age of 10. Like many of us as one gets older, several different opportunities opened for Roxanne, however the hospitality industry is where she stayed for 20 years. Now, as the Manager of the Gladstone Tavern she’s excited to be given the opportunity to make the Gladstone what it once was in the community, a gathering place for music, food and good times. Community is what drives Hamilton’s east-end culture and Roxanne is a driving force and founder behind Epic Dynamite Dances for youth. Other times were spent volunteering at Prince of Whales School and Good Shepherd.

Ace Piva

A certified addictions worker who’s been involved in the music industry since 1996, Ace Piva knows the ins and outs of the road and its associated pressures and struggles. He’s been there as a musician, tour manager, stage manager, sound engineer, production manager, and addictions recovery coach. Today, Piva is a founding partner of Over The Bridge. His goals are to help break the stigmas associated with addiction and mental illness through education, awareness, and support and provide resources to musicians, crew and entertainment professionals.

Gary Greenland

Public Relations
Growing up on a healthy dose of Saturday morning cartoons, comic books and music, it wasn't until early adulthood where Gary realized that adulting wasn't something he wanted to pursue. Instead, he enrolled in a college radio program (after watching WKRP). He spend the next 17 years pretending for 30 to 60 seconds at a time preparing advertising copy (and occasional on air voice) for radio stations in Niagara and Greater Hamilton. His talent for selling an idea lead to actually selling. As it turns out, he doesn't have a talent for actually selling. So back to pretending he went, and spent 4 years helping produce a Hamilton podcast featuring Hamilton born music and musicians (who actually sell themselves). Over time, his partner became involved in a separate facet of the music industry; finances. Together, Gary and Heather provide work for musicians and music for venues. Since then, he provides marketing material for H&G Entertainer Services and BoxO Studio, where he serves as Sound Engineer.

Anita Beckwith

As a resident of 50 years, Anita has seen the changes in the music scene and is a supporter of live music, old and new. She has organized fundraisers, is knowledgeable of the resources within Hamilton and utilizes this as a venue scout for Anita Gig, an artist booking and promotion agency. In her Sponsorship Director role, she is responsible for identifying, cultivating, and developing new sponsors across industries.

Kris Gelder

"Freelance concert Photographer from Hamilton, Ontario. Have always been a huge supporter of the music scene, and since 2006 realized my passion of trying to capture "that moment". Through the years I have been fortunate to photograph a handful of Canadian bands such as the Tragically Hip, Big Wreck, The Tea Party, I Mother Earth, the Headstones, Billy Talent, Junkhouse, and the list goes on. I am on the communications committee for the Sound of Music and a few other local festivals, so am fortunate to be able to meet with bands & management to get a feel for what they are looking for in photos. This opportunity has led me to work with various artists and manufacturers for album covers/inserts, posters, magazine ad's and photos for websites."

John Gelder

Photographer from Hamilton Ontario. Interests include concerts, festivals, nature, classic cars, & sports photography. "I like to get out and support our local music scene by capturing a variety of artists at many of our local venues. I am a volunteer photographer for the Sound of Music and a few other local festivals. I work with Kris Gelder at various events, shows & shoots, and periodically contribute to an online publication."