Nominations will be checked for completeness and eligibility by GHMIA staff. Round 1 voting will commence. Submissions will then be presented to a panel of industry jurists who will ultimately decide on 10 nominees (at their discretion) in each category. Jurists may sit on more than one category.  Chosen jurists will sit on carefully constructed panels of knowledgeable industry professionals, and will review submissions following the guidelines set out for each category. Round 2 voting will decide the winner from the top 3 nominees in each category.

What the judges look for…

We judge and curate based on creativity and quality of musical craft.

We look for emotional communication, the ability to transcend, to make the listener experience something that is new and compelling. We want to be surprised and moved by what we hear. We want to be convinced that those we award can really move an audience. The musical joy of artists we select must be infectious. We want the artist to remind us why we care about music so much in the first place. Our judging process awards both polished artists and those in which we sense future potential.

Judging is subjective by nature because the listening experience is unique to each set of ears. We listen very carefully to the music in every entry but artists must understand that different ears might result in different outcomes during the judging process. We try to make the experience positive for all who participate in the competition.

Judging process…

After your submission is received your entry goes through a multi-layered judging process including listener impact, technical quality, uniqueness and styling. Round 1 and 2 judging process is conducted by five in-house music professionals to review all entries, once again in order to maintain consistency and high standards across all judging categories. The nominee receiving the highest total number of valid votes for the Award for which he or she was nominated will be declared the winner of that Award at the Awards Ceremonies.